A Bisl Torah

How will you reach your Promised Land?

Imagine the scene:

Moses is standing on the precipice, the cliff overlooking the Sea of Reeds. He is frightened and can’t imagine what the future holds. But he sees the armies of Pharaoh behind him and the water below. Seemingly stuck, he begins to pray.

But God teaches Moses a life-changing lesson. God hears Moses’ cries and seems to understand the difference between prayer and paralysis. Between thoughtfully weighing out a decision and procrastinating enough so the moment passes us by.

But God doesn’t let Moses stay still. Quite the opposite. God says, “Why are you praying to me? Tell the Israelites to move forward!” In other words, “Moses. Wake up. Stop praying to the point of paralysis. Get going. Start moving. You won’t reach the Promised Land if you’re going to stand here all day and talk to me.”

How many times have we found ourselves in that position? Weighing the pros and cons? Deliberating back and forth; convincing ourselves that at some moment, at some time—the right answer will surely appear. When do we know it’s time to move forward? When we find we can barely move from our spot. When we feel our feet glued to the ground. When we just know it is fear holding us back from living our lives.

That is precisely when we must say, “Fear, I see you. Fear, you’re probably not going anywhere. But fear, you better come with me…but I am not staying here.”

How will you reach your Promised Land? As scared as you may be, God is asking you to move forward. Don’t confuse prayer with paralysis.

Shabbat Shalom

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