A Bisl Torah

It Is Time To Build

Jewish law advises that one should build a sukkah immediately at the end of Yom Kippur.


It is meritorious to go from one mitzvah to another.

On Yom Kippur we spend thoughtful moments taking an account of our soul. We pray to God for the ability to forgive and be forgiven, wrestle with our mortality, and name where we fall and which parts of our lives need repair. In other words, we shape our spiritual lives.

On Sukkot, we build our spiritual homes. Literally, we drive a nail into the ground and put up a sukkah, a temporary structure in which to live for seven days. Figuratively, we construct the blueprints that were outlined in the previous holy days. Did we commit to a life of learning? Did we promise to pay more attention to our loved ones? Did we vow to live a life of purpose and meaning?

It’s time to build.

How will you construct your spiritual home? Whether it is carving out more time to spend with those you love, attending synagogue on a more regular basis, or making a conscious effort to notice God’s beautiful world, God doesn’t want you sit still.

Get moving. Start building.

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