A Bisl Torah

Lessons from the Delivery Man

The world is heightened with emotion. When someone sneers or complains, it can feel like a snag at the soul. When someone smiles or offers a kind word, the gesture extends far beyond that moment.

With the onset of the pandemic, like many of you, my online ordering has hit an all-time high. Groceries, household supplies, activities for the kids…Amazon is pretty much my only visitor these days. I was surprised to see that on one of the boxes, the Amazon delivery man left a sweet message: “Happy Independence Weekend, Be Happy, Sincerely, Your Delivery Driver, Edgar!” Could very well be a good marketing ploy from Amazon but either way, the card put a smile on my face.

Putting a smile on someone’s face is needed now, more than ever. And the small acts of kindness often create the widest of grins.

The Mishnah reminds us that there is no prescribed amount of loving kindness one extends in this world. Meaning, don’t shortchange your ability to lift one’s spirits. Your smile, words, or actions may be exactly what they need to get through the day…to get through the hour.

Small gestures. Wondrous Impact. A chance to bring God’s blessings into this world.

Shabbat Shalom

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