A Bisl Torah

Let Love In

In the secular world, this weekend brings in a holiday known for love. Cards exchanged, chocolates consumed, cheesy movies watched. It’s a time in which we show affection for those we care about. But if we are being honest, it is also a time in which we hope to feel honored, valued, and seen. How much of these Hallmark holidays is wondering if a card will end up in our own mailbox?

And this is where I think our tradition reminds us of the import of self-love. Self-love is different than being egotistical or narcissistic. Self-love is looking at oneself and offering the affirmation, “I believe in myself. I am more than enough. I was created to bring my unique essence into this world.” Vayikra teaches, “Love your fellow as yourself.” But what happens if we have little self-confidence? How beleaguered our world becomes when we minimize our self-worth. Love someone else the way I love myself? Great love can be gifted to many when we understand the importance in finding ways to love our singular soul.

Give yourself a little self-love. Taking a few moments to list what you admire about yourself. Looking in the mirror and determining how you inspire another person to grow. Understanding that your presence in this world adds beauty, fulfillment, comfort, and light. You were created with purpose and reason. If you learn how to respect yourself, there are much greater odds that you will learn how to respect another human being.

Don’t be afraid to show a little self-love. The rest of the world will thank you.

Shabbat Shalom

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