A Bisl Torah

Light is Your Legacy

Our world feels very dark. The murders that took place at the kosher supermarket in New Jersey, the desecration of Nessah Synagogue here in Beverly Hills, three college students attacked for being Jewish at Indiana University, and most recently, vandalism and graffiti at American Jewish University, among other Jewish institutions. 
Hate begets hate. Insecurity and ignorance rise from the shadows and breed malice and fear. 
But if there is one lesson to be gleaned from the Jewish people it is this:
The darkness of the world only magnifies our sparks of light. The light of blessing. The light of kindness. The light of peace.
Ner Adonai Nishmat Adam. God’s light is the soul of each human being. Which means that we are endowed with a God-given potential to illuminate the darkest corners of the earth. To use our free will to brighten the bleakest days.  
We must shine like a fully lit Channukiah and remind those that want to take us down… to take heed. Our spirit, fierce and strong will continue to blaze for all of eternity. 
That is our promise. That is our legacy.
Shabbat Shalom

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