A Bisl Torah

Man in the Moon

On August 21st, the world will be treated to a solar eclipse. But notably, a solar eclipse is usually paired with a lunar eclipse, this having occurred earlier this week. The moon travels through the outer part of the Earth’s shadow, partially blocking the sun’s light. Almost always coinciding with a full moon, this extraordinary spectacle often appears as red or a fiery orange.

We are witnessing wonders of the world, beautiful masterpieces of God’s hand. The Talmud reminds us, “The person who sees…the moon in its power (its fullness)…should say, ‘Blessed be God who has shaped the work of creation.'”

Every moment, we see the products of God’s paintbrush. The strokes of dawn splashed against the morning sky. A rosebud hidden among thorns. The rainbow of many colors, whose start and end remain a mystery to the untrained eye. This world is a museum of God’s beauty and if we are lucky enough to be active patrons, we will notice artwork that prior, never caught our eye. We will see blessings and feel blessed.

I always like looking up at the “man in the moon.” But today, I will let my eyes travel up towards the heavens and after, guide those eyes back towards the heaven that exists here on earth. God’s artistry is ours to discover. Be it with the sun, moon or stars, may God’s light illuminate the many divine wonders just waiting to be enjoyed.

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