A Bisl Torah

Power of the Sea

A few weeks ago, Sinai Temple took Shabbat to the beach. We prayed in front of the Pacific, overwhelmed by the beauty and awe of God’s creation.

I remember wondering what the children of Israel thought as they stood before the Sea of Reeds. The water was a barrier to freedom. An obstacle in escaping the narrowness of Egypt. And yet as the water parted, the sea began to represent infinite possibility and endless opportunity.

This week we traveled to the Atlantic, from one majestic ocean to another. Stepping into the clear water, I smiled. God is constantly whispering and nudging: supposed barriers and apparent obstacles, the seas that hold us back have the power to transform into oceans of open doors and unexpected paths to freedom.

Take one step into the water. The sea may seem rough, but God is asking us to move forward, living life with hope, aspiration, optimism and faith.

Shabbat Shalom

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