A Bisl Torah

Run as Fast as You Can

Rabbi Sherman and other delegates from Sinai Temple ran in the Jerusalem marathon. What you may not know is that they ran for a beautiful cause. As their feet pounded the holy stones of the old city, our members held Shalva in the hearts: a respite home and therapy center for children with special needs. Shalva does not discriminate based on religion, ethnicity or gender. All are welcome.

As well, each Sinai Temple delegate ran to honor someone important and significant in their lives. Rabbi Sherman and his sister, Nitza ran to honor their brother, Eyal. Eyal is a 35-year-old artist who lives in Philadelphia. He is a quadriplegic and while faced with daily struggle and physical burdens, is a hero to many. His optimism is contagious and he paints masterpieces by holding a paintbrush in his mouth. Erez and Nitza ran for Eyal, but it is Eyal that motivates Erez and Nitza to run in this world…running towards life, running towards hope, running towards faith.

Pirke Avot reminds us, “Run to do a lesser mitzvah as quickly as you run to do an important one…for one mitzvah leads to another.” Meaning, run. Run to help another person. Run to bring joy into someone else’s life. Run so that you spiritually enhance your journey.

And if you’re not a runner, walk fast. That counts too.

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