A Bisl Torah


It is the Friday before Rosh Hashana.

For some of us that means final sermon preparations, printing, rehearsing, and making sure we know the correct cantillation for our Torah readings.

For others it means preparing the apple kugel, ironing the table cloth, picking up meat from the butcher and polishing our silver candlesticks.

And for most, it feels busy. Rushing to finish. Rushing to “feel” done. Rushing so that everything is perfect.

And yet through the hustle, we forget to rush towards what is most important. The true essence woven within the Yamim Noraim—the Days of Awe.

So in this liminal time as we stand at the cusp of the New Year…

Rush to make the phone call to that person you’ve meant to reach but always seem to let pass by.

Rush to smile at the person in the hallway that looks like they could use a friendly face.

Rush to start fixing a relationship gone wrong by sending an email or text that merely says, “Thinking about you. Let’s touch base soon.” And then make a note to touch base soon.

Rush to give your loved ones a lingering hug or kiss. Some extra slobber never hurt anyone.

Rush to take a deep breath, look around and acknowledge how very lucky we are.

Rush…and then pause.

And give a whisper of thanks to the Almighty for the deep abundance of blessings in our lives.

Shana tovah u’metukah~A very sweet and happy new year to all of you.

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