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Tales of Gardening

Our family decided to plant a garden. For those that know me, I am not a gardener. I enjoy purchasing roses of different colors and displaying the beauty on our Shabbat dinner table. But as we determined ways to spend our time at home, gardening seemed like a way to distract our minds from the confusion and chaos of the outside world.

Some sunflower seeds. A ton of soil. Water each day and a bunch of sunlight. Each day, my family walks by our little patch and remarks on the status of the seedlings. Sometimes, the greenery seems wilted, other times fresh and tall. Our family looks forward to “feeding” these additions, enjoying the journey of new life in our home.

I thought I would be eager to see the first sunflower blossom. That when a head of a sunflower emerged, I would feel accomplished. But as the weeks go by, I am less and less eager to see the flowers bloom. It will be lovely to see the various colors, but the lengthening shoots have become our companions. Our family compares the length of one stalk to another. It is no longer waiting until petals arrive and instead, choosing to grow with the sunflowers. Spending time each day to breathe in the wonder of something being alive is a very special gift. To appreciate its presence and marvel at its ability to reach high towards the sky.

As we navigate reemergence into this world, whatever it may look like, let us not forsake the blessings of being able to witness growth in each other. Growth in ourselves. For some, a wake-up call as to what we are meant to do and why we are here. For others, a recalibration of priorities and interests. For many, an evaluation of faith and a reminder to show gratitude for those we love.

The Psalmist reminds us, “Humankind, their days are like those of grass; they bloom like the flower of the field.”

Meaning, it is a gift to witness growth. Growth has an endpoint. We must never take for granted the ability to stretch a bit further.

So, look to the heavens, keep reaching, acknowledge from where you have come and where you want to go. And thank God the miracle of your beautiful journey.

Our little garden. A lesson from God.

Shabbat Shalom

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