A Bisl Torah

The Rabbi, the Dreamer

Dreams only come true if you’re willing to dream. And you’re only willing to dream if you have someone that teaches you to do so.

I have a mentor that teaches me to dream. To dream past expectation and through obstacles. To dream in a way that betters myself and influences the world.

My rabbinate, my life is forever changed by my mentor, Rabbi David Wolpe.

This Shabbat, Rabbi Sherman and I take on the position of Senior Rabbis of Sinai Temple. Herzl was known for saying, “If you will it, it is no dream.” Rabbi Wolpe, thank you for encouraging us to believe in ourselves. Years ago, we wondered about this possibility. And you nourished our souls and raised us into rabbis who transformed possibility into reality.

I am proud to be the first female Senior Rabbi at Sinai Temple. We are the first married couple to serve in this capacity. And together, under the tutelage of Rabbi David Wolpe, we have learned how to reach for the stars.

Sinai Temple and the greater Jewish community, the sky is just the limit.

Shabbat Shalom

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