A Bisl Torah

The Tears of Children

Rain poured from the heavens as our Sinai Temple-Sinai Akiba Academy March of the Living delegation visited Zbilagovska Gora, the place where the Nazis murdered 8,000 Jews, including 800 children. One by one, the Jews were forced to undress, line up, and walk down into mass graves awaiting the gunfire from SS soldiers. Once one row was shot, some people still moving, the next row of Jews lay down for the killing to continue.

We held the pictures of children murdered in the Shoah and shared their names. The name I held was Anna Glinberg, age 3. A mere baby with the same name as my daughter and the same age as one of my sons. And before I left, I reached into my pocket and left on the mass grave a small matchbox car. A car my five year old would play with. A little toy so that these 800 baby souls know that a mother in this world still shed tears for their lives cut short.

Leaving the cemetery we sang Byado Afkid Ruchi like a lullaby, rocking these babies in our arms and reminding them, God holds them close and they should not be afraid. Today, we held these souls as close as we could. And we pray with the most fervent of prayers that they now, feel at peace, never alone, safely in God’s care.

Shabbat Shalom

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