A Bisl Torah

To Begin Again

It happens in mere seconds. The book of Devarim, the final verses of the Torah are read, we stand in recognition and less than a minute later, the first book of the Torah takes its place. If someone left the room, the transition between ending and beginning would hardly be apparent.

There may be a holiday (Simchat Torah) declared to acknowledge rereading the Torah, but the time in between finishing and starting anew is almost negligible. A reminder that sometimes, beginnings don’t need major deliberation or fanfare. The start of a journey can be as easy as turning a page or reversing the hourglass. It’s our own mental and emotional blocks that often inhibit beginnings to occur. But if we model the reading of Torah, the restarts we want to see in our lifetime can be seamless. One fluid motion, briefly acknowledging an ending without getting stuck, rooted, unable to step forward.

We have permission to redo, jump back in, try another time, begin again. Whether we want to reimagine a relationship, go back to school, try a new profession, take on a hobby, or start a journey, the Jewish calendar focuses on movement. A fleeting pause between Moses’ death and the art of creation. Time is given to live out the next chapter. Verse by verse, we learn, we grow, we live.

Don’t take too long to begin. Again. There is no better time than right now.

Shabbat Shalom

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