A Bisl Torah

We Will Do and We Are Listening

When the Torah was given at Mount Sinai, the Jews famously said, “Naaseh v’Nishmah.” We will do and we will listen.

Sforno, the Italian Torah commentator, explains that the response indicates that the Jews were ready to accept the Torah without any reward. Acceptance of Jewish living was already ingrained in the Jewish soul. Rav Kook reveals that in saying these words, the Jews discovered their true inner essence.

Who are we? In the last week, I have seen who we are. In our rawest, purest form, Jews have revealed our essence.

Naaseh: We do.

We are spiritual warriors. Faced with terrorists determined to wipe us off the earth, we continue to pray, celebrate Shabbat, study our tradition, and pass on Jewish values to our children.

We are beacons of light. Faced with those who are unable to understand this week as an attack against humanity, we wake up each morning praising God for the ability to mend a broken world.

We are protectors of faith. Faced with suffering in each generation, weary, tired, and heartbroken, we do not let misery define us. We get back up and greet another day with resolve and determination.

Nishmah: We’re listening.

We can see those that post messages indiscriminately, blaming Israel without care or understanding. We pay attention to those who are silent, unwilling to offer compassion or solace to Jews who are deeply mourning. We notice those who speak up and stand by us in this struggle against evil.

The essence of the Jewish people is to do. We will not let terror eradicate our spirit. We never have.

And we listen. Paying attention to those that build with us, creating glimmers of hope through this shadow of darkness.

Jews around the world: Naaseh v’ Nishmah. Let our faith fuel you. It always has. And listen. Seek out those who lift up goodness.

Together, we will find a path forward. A path of hope. A path of peace.

Shabbat Shalom

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