A Bisl Torah

What Do You Seek?

Over the Days of Awe, so many of us return to the synagogue, seeking something.

In response, Rabbi Harold Kushner writes the following:

“It may well be the case that the word “religion” is related to the word “ligament,” from the Latin ligare, ‘to connect.’ One might argue that the word refers to beliefs that connect a person to God, but I am inclined to side with Emil Durkheim that the role of religion is to bind us to other people in order to evoke together the sense that God is in our midst. We don’t go to church or synagogue to find God; God may indeed be more accessible in nature on a sunny day. We go to church or synagogue to find other worshippers who are looking for what we are looking for, and together we find it. We become something greater than our solitary selves.”

Whatever we seek, may we find fellow seekers in our journey, helping us to find our way.

Shana tovah.

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