A Bisl Torah

Who Makes Miracles?

In one of my classes at Sinai, we explored the question, “Who has the power to enact a miracle?”

We spoke about God, the example of Moses splitting the Sea of Reeds, and even pointing to the beginning of Creation as the greatest miracle of all. But then we read about Nachshon, a mere human being willing to test the waters, the first person to step into the Sea of Reeds before it split. The passage explains that the water rose to Nachshon’s nose before the miracle of the splitting of the sea begins to take place.

But we all shook our heads. Yes, it was a miracle that the sea split. But it seems to be a greater miracle to find someone willing to take a first step into the unknown. The real miracle is being the person who understands when risks must be taken, even when the reward remains hidden within the darkness of the sea.

Who makes miracles? Perhaps, this time, it just might be you.

Shabbat Shalom

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