A Bisl Torah

With Gratitude

My father is a movie star. My grandfather worked on the movie set of Plymouth Adventure. The story depicts the journey of the Pilgrims on the Mayflower. Please don’t ask me about the historical validity of the events…as a family, we focus on one scene and one scene only. The cast of the movie was missing one very important character: Oceanus Hopkins, the first baby born on the Mayflower. Alas, a star was born. My father was just a few weeks old, held the stage for a good fifteen seconds, and every Thanksgiving, our holiday dinner officially begins with watching his “part.” It is a special tradition.
But of course, Thanksgiving continues with a few other moments. We go around the table and share gratitude for friends and family. We notice who is missing at the table and share our tears alongside our joy. Our table traditions transform the dinner from merely eating food to a sacred, grounding experience.
I usually reminisce about bringing Thanksgiving into my life…the day after Thanksgiving. But I want to make a conscious effort to bring these moments of thanks and these moments of giving and these moments of memory into my life… right now. Today. Every single day.
Modeh Ani Lefanecha Melech Chai Vekayam Shehechezarta Be Nishmati Bechemla; Rabba Emunatecha.
Dear God, I am thankful for each moment on this blessed earth. The ability to connect with those I love; the ability to help those in need. May I use my life to better the lives of others. For all my blessings, I am eternally grateful.
Shabbat Shalom

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