A Bisl Torah

You Are Beautiful Inside & Out

This “Bisl” is being featured in the Jewish Journal:

I stood in front of a mirror with three of my college girlfriends. The mirror was inscribed with the following: You are beautiful inside and out. The four of us get together once a year and remind each other of what seems so hard to individually internalize. Together, we remember that we are strong, kind, loyal, beautiful women. Our dinners have no agenda. No judgment. We are women that want to raise strong, kind, loyal, beautiful women, but often let personal insecurities speak over what we know to be core to our character. Although we stood in front of a mirror declaring our worth, the entire dinner was one of reflection and offering. We left feeling full; satiated by friendship and sisterhood.

It is rare to see a pact of sisterhood in the Torah. The daughters of Zelophehad come forward before the whole assembly. They come forward together. Rashi explains that their individual names are specified to indicate that they were of equal importance. How easily one could have let personal ego trump their collective agenda. How easily one could forget the magnitude of women banding together for cause and purpose over a brief moment to be perceived as better, smarter, prettier.

The daughters of Zelophehad teaches a poignant lesson: women are stronger as they stand side by side. May our own daughters understand that inner beauty pours forth when we stop seeing each other as threats and start seeing each other as sisters.

Shabbat Shalom

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