A Bisl Torah

You Deserve Ice Cream

Revel a little. Eat the ice cream.

It’s not in my personality to be spontaneous. I am a methodical person and live by to-do-lists and thoughtful planning. But there is something about the start of summer that makes me want to throw away the list and embrace the extra hours of sunlight. The dishes will still be there. The vacuuming and laundry will continue to knock on my door. And the most important lesson: learning Torah is best internalized when living Torah. So throw down the list, jump in the car with some people you love, and go live a little.

Kohelet reads, “I know that there is nothing better for people than to rejoice and do good while they live.” Kohelet reminds us that life is uncertain. I have yet to meet one person that can determine how long they will live and predict future success, happiness and prosperity. But I have met several people that know how to embrace the moment, lose themselves in tickle fights, belt out songs and dance like nobody is watching, and chase the sunsets as if the magical colors were made just for them.

The other night, we jumped into the car and got ice cream. Not a big deal. Certainly, out of the ordinary for our scheduled lives. Bedtime was pushed back, grumpy faces awaited us the following morning. But in the moment, we saw smiles, heard delicious slurps, and laughed as sprinkles adorned adorable, chubby faces. A moment of pure joy.

It’s summer. We all have permission to revel a little. Let’s do some good while we are alive…and sometimes that means, letting everything else wait while your loved ones spend a few more minutes with you. That is a recipe for joy.

Happy Summer…Shabbat Shalom. 

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