LGBT Resources

Sinai Temple is a welcoming congregation, a community that strives for inclusion at every turn. As Jews, marginalizing any group because of who they are is contrary to our historical experience and deep convictions. We welcome families of all shapes, sizes, and backgrounds into our kehillah kedosha, our holy community.

In May of 2013, the clergy of Sinai Temple unanimously decided that it is in accordance with the great halachic (Jewish legal) principle of kavod habriot, honor due all God’s creation – to conduct same sex marriage ceremonies. Our clergy believe that this decision is in the best tradition of the Conservative movement, which views the Torah as a living document that allows room for new understandings and approaches.

If you would like to speak to a clergy member about LGBT inclusion or resources, please contact Sinai Temple at (310) 474-1518.

You can also visit JQ International for additional resources.