Sinai Temple’s Evolving Response to COVID-19


COVID Protocols- Frequently Asked Questions

Updated:  Feb. 28, 2022

What are Sinai Temple’s current COVID protocols for indoor programs? 
For entry into all indoor activities at Sinai Temple:

NEW:  For vaccinated individuals, mask wearing is optional at Shabbat services and indoor programs.

The following protocols remain in place:

Entry to Indoor Activities

  • All individuals, 18-years-old and older, will be required to provide proof of full vaccination.
  • All individuals, 17-years-old and younger, will be required to provide proof of full vaccination or a negative PCR test, taken on a weekly basis.

Mask Wearing

  • Unvaccinated individuals who enter Sinai Temple with a negative PCR test are required to wear masks.
    • Notable:   only individuals 17 years and younger may enter with a negative PCR test.   All others may enter with proof of vaccination.
  • Indoor masking is still required for ECC, SAA and Religious School students indoors during the school day through Friday, March 11. Beginning Saturday, March 12, mask wearing for students, faculty and parents (at school events) is highly recommended, but not required.
  • Masking is not required outdoors.

What is the current masking policy at Sinai Akiba Academy?

  • For the most up-to-date SAA policies, click here.

What types of exemptions will be considered?

  • Medical: Each request for exemption, regardless of the reason, will be evaluated individually.  Anyone requesting a medical exemption will be required to complete an application and submit documentation from a medical provider indicating the reasoning for and proposed duration of the exemption.  Click HERE for more information on this process. If you have any questions, please contact Jessica Green, Executive Director, at or 310-481-3219.

What types of exemptions will not be considered?

  • Religious/ Ideological:  We will not accept religious or personal belief exemptions. The Talmud teaches “One who saves one life, it is as if they have saved an entire world.” This value of pikuach nefesh, the saving of a life, is the highest principle to which Jews adhere. There is no exemption for avoiding a vaccine that can save even a single life.
  • Past History with COVID:  Documentation stating that you have had and recovered from COVID will not be considered or accepted.

How were these policies determined?

Sinai Temple COVID-19 policies not dictated by government orders have been determined by Sinai’s leadership, in consultation with our Medical Advisory Committee. They are rooted in the sacred, moral obligation of pikuach nefesh (the preservation of life), and the value of kol Yisrael aravim zeh bah zeh (demonstrating our responsibility for one another).

How can you upload a vaccination card?

  • SAA parents and students:  email a copy of the front and back of your vaccination card to June Lahpai at
  • Non-SAA Temple members:    CLICK HERE to upload your vaccination information
  • If you’re having trouble uploading your vaccination, email

What are the COVID protocols for offsite outdoor activities?

We will continue to explore meaningful offsite outdoor engagement opportunities to bring our community together. All individuals, regardless of vaccination status, may participate in off site, outdoor programs.  Mask wearing will be encouraged.

Who should be contacted for more information about these COVID Protocols?

Who should be contacted for comments and/or feedback regarding Sinai Temple’s COVID Protocols?