Honorable Mensch-ion

A Psalm of Thanksgiving

The year I lived in Israel, I thought I would miss Thanksgiving. To my surprise, most Americans had a turkey, ate pumpkin pie, and shared the blessings for which they were grateful.

Yet, there was one addition. We recited Psalm 100, Mizmor L’todah, a psalm of Thanksgiving.

The Psalm concludes, ivdu et HaShem bsimcha, worship God with joy.

The Rabbis teach that our table is nothing more than a meal without words of Torah. As Jews, we have the ability to elevate every meal, every moment with Torah, inspiration that rises beyond words and leads to action.

Last Thursday, ten faith communities, Jewish, Christians, and Muslims, gathered in Barad Hall for a service of Thanksgiving. Each leader thanked another for their commitment to faith and the ability to share their hope in humanity with our diverse communities.

We must not ignore the disappointments around us, but we also must magnify the blessings.

This week, recite those words of Psalm 100, enjoy a full meal, and may our cups overflow.

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