Honorable Mensch-ion

Be the Ark

Growing up in upstate New York, the story of Noah and the ark made complete sense. Rain was a staple of the season. In fact, a flood would usually accompany the Shabbat of Noah.

In Southern California, we pray for rain. In a week of fire and scorched earth, we know that an upcoming rainstorm could in fact bring floods and mudslides. Where do we find shelter? Where is our ark?

Rav Cook explains that ark is ourselves. And that ark shelters our souls, permitting us to work on the character traits we wish to improve before we go out and once again test the unchartered waters.

God creates the world one week, and God destroys the earth the next. This Shabbat, don’t search for the ark. Rather, be that ark. See the challenges around you, look into you soul, welcome the other in. For when you open your ark after Shabbat, I think a rainbow just may appear.

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