Honorable Mensch-ion

Hands Up

Try to hold your hands above your head, with your arms straight into the air. It is a difficult stretch to do for more than a minute. Yet, this is exactly what Moses did to lead the Jewish people into battle against Amalek. The midrash teaches that Moses’ hands were spread toward the heavens with faithful and well-intended prayer.

This Sunday morning, over 200 members of Sinai Temple will gather in Washington, D.C. for the AIPAC Policy Conference, in support of the US-Israel relationship. As Jews, we know we never do anything alone. We study Torah with a hevruta, a partner. We pray in a minyan, we celebrate simcha in community, and we support Israel with our friends around the world.

This year at the conference, our hands will be held up by friends like Pastor John-Paul Foster, of Faithful Central Bible Church, who will join our Sinai Temple delegation. We will meet Jews and Christians from around the world, who believe differently than us, live differently than us, but who have the common understanding that a strong State of Israel means a stronger, safer, and moral world. As our prophets teach us, may we see the day when war and blood shall cease, and a great peace will embrace the entire world.

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