Honorable Mensch-ion

How Do You Learn?

During this pandemic, we have learned how to learn. We have shifted our focus from in-person to online learning. We attend webinars and programs from behind our screens. A new way of life demands new ways of operating. Yet, the one constant is our desire to continue learning.

Isaiah writes in this week’s Haftorah: vchol banyich limudei Adonai. “All your children will be learned in Torah.”

The Talmud asks, “Why should we learn Torah today when God promises to teach us in the future anyway?” Isaiah was not aware of this pandemic, but he was aware of a deep lesson: each of us learns differently. If we wait to pick up a book tomorrow, there may be no book to pick up.

I am always awed by a parent who gives their child a Jewish education because they were not given that education by their parents. Learning is quite the gift; Pirkei Avot asks, “Who is wise? The one who learns from everyone.” Let’s learn together.

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