Honorable Mensch-ion

Look What I Found

Yesterday, I found my old laptop computer that I used during my five years of Rabbinical school. As I opened it up for the first time in over a decade, I was flabbergasted as to what appeared before me- photos, photos, and more photos. Memories of loved ones whose physical presence I feel daily, joyous feelings as I looked at digital wedding albums, and memories from the trips that are forever sealed in my mind. As my children gathered around the computer, they began asking, “Who is this and who is that?” They did not even recognize their parents, just a few years, before they were born. 
After labeling each picture, I began sending them to the appropriate people- my parents, my siblings, and friends. My dad reminded me, “Erez, you are fulfilling the mitzvah of Passover.” You are telling your story, you are telling our story, you are telling your children’s stories!”
This week we will sit down at our seder tables, smaller than ever, with many of us joining other seders via Zoom. Yet, we will all fulfill the commandment, “On that night you should tell your story to your children.” 
We have a few days before we eat our first piece of matzah. Take out your photo albums, be reminded of where you came from, share that journey at your seder. It will help us find where we need to go.

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