Honorable Mensch-ion

Looking Out

In these unprecedented times, we and so many other synagogue communities have successfully built virtual communities. Online minyanim, a slew of Torah study and interactive opportunities through Facebook, YouTube and ZOOM.
While these opportunities have allowed us in the Sinai Temple community to look in towards each other without the use of our physical building, it has also allowed us to look out into other communities we would otherwise not receive access too.
I have received emails from those on the east coast who recited kaddish as part of our online minyan, answered questions during classes in a chat box, and sang with pre-school Shabbats around the country.
Yet, with all these technological blessings, the most meaningful touch points have been the phone calls, the individual touches, the calls to ask how our elders, the bereaved, and the vulnerable are doing.
The Torah tells us in the first word vayakhel that Moses gathered the people. 
My prayer today is that one day soon we will again have that availability to gather, to truly show why we walk in our synagogues doors each day.
As we conclude the book of Exodus tomorrow, we say three simple words- Chazak, chazak, vnitchazek. Be strong, be strong, and together we will be strengthened. It is a simple but profound blessing. The first chazak is for us. The second chazak is for God. And it is when we put those two chazaks together that we continue to strengthen each other. 

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