Honorable Mensch-ion

Palace in Time

This unprecedented time has allowed us to speak more intimately to those we normally casually interact with.

Last night I had the opportunity to be in conversation with Bishop Robert Stearns, head of Eagles Wings, an organization that sends Christian pastors to Israel, as he said, “To see an Israel where God is, not where God was.”

We focused on this week’s parsha, Emor, specifically on the verse we recite at every holiday kiddush. “These are My appointed feast, which you should proclaim!”

It appears obvious that God does not need to be reminded of sacred occasions. Rather, we who proclaim these times have the power to create sacred moments.

My son often asks during this quarantine, “Is today Shabbat again?” He comprehends we are living in a time where each day feels the same- Zoom meetings and remaining at home. Yet, each week as we place the kiddush cup and challah on the Shabbat table he smiles and says, “Ah yes, today is REALLY Shabbat!”

Holidays come and go if we do not proclaim them. We know the significance of marking time. Heschel called Shabbat a palace in time. The keys are open to that palace. Let’s enter together.

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