Honorable Mensch-ion


This morning, I turned on my computer and received this message, “Failed to reboot.”
It is the message of doom- everything is lost. My desktop files, photos from my phone, sermons of the past years-out of sight, out of mind.
After the initial shock, I found myself surprised. Today I spoke to more people face to face than I had in weeks. I read words from books and not from screens. I engaged the world in a way I have often neglected.
Failed to reboot—a true message from God.
Each Friday night we sing uvayom hashevii shavat vayinafash. On the seventh day, let your soul rest. 
After this week of difficult events in Los Angeles, a synagogue ransacked and graffiti on other Jewish institutions, I think we need exactly that- a reboot.
Last week in parsha Vayishlach, Jacob was sent on a journey that included struggles, when his name became Israel. This change was not the end. Rather, the journey continued. This week’s parsha is called Vayeshev, the root of the word meaning settled. Yet, there is no radical change. Instead, Jacob continues his journey, not settled at all.
This Shabbat—let’s all shut down our hard drives. For it is not our computers that change our world, but it is our souls, when given the chance to breathe, that truly transform who we are.
Shabbat… reboot….shalom

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