Honorable Mensch-ion

Self Sacrifice

When we read about sacrifices in the Torah, they appear ancient, archaic, and out of touch with our lives. Yet, this week, they seem more appropriate than ever.
While most sacrifices consisted of animals given to the Temple, we read of the mincha offering, a voluntary offering consisting of flour and oil. The Rabbis explain this was more significant than the others; not everyone could offer an animal to God. Yet, every person could find flour to offer. Even the poorest person could fulfill their responsibility to participate in community in this way. It may not have been easy, but each individual connected to the greater whole. 
As days now turn into weeks, story after story is revealed of the self sacrifice that each of us is making. Do we have extra food we can give to the elderly and the sick? Can we make a phone call to another member of the Sinai family who is feeling lonely? Have you taken a few moments to join our virtual community of prayer and teachings during the week?
We have been forced into sacrifice during these difficult times. Now let us imagine the day we leave our homes, where sacrifice will be voluntary. Can we do it then too?

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