Honorable Mensch-ion

Shabbat of Transition

In one week, we journey from commemoration to celebration. The memory of those who perished in the Shoah to the memory of those who have their lives to create and protect a State of Israel on Yom HaZikaron. And then finally, joy, celebration, and the recognition of the miraculous.

Yom HaShoah, Yom HaZikaron, and Yom Ha’atzmaut. Each simply a day but with such significance attached.

Each trip to Israel is not complete without a stop at Independence Hall, amidst the bustling Tel Aviv cafes near Dizengoff.

The docent always ends the tour the same way.

A recording plays of David Ben-Gurion declaring the establishment of the State of Israel on the eve of Shabbat.

The day concludes with the singing of Hatikvah.

Hope—something the entire world needs.

Hope—something each individual needs.

The State of Israel did not appear out of thin air. For thousands of years, there was hope, from those who suffered persecution and strife, from those who desired a return to our homeland, and from those who strive for a better world tomorrow than we have today.

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