Honorable Mensch-ion


Shalom. Hello, goodbye, and peace. While we focus most of our attention on peace, we must recognize that shalom can only come from the smaller actions that lead us to that point.

The second blessing of birkat kohanim, the priestly blessing, states, “God shall make God’s face shine upon you.”

Shamai in Pirkei Avot teaches, “Greet every person with a pleasant expression of countenance.” Rabbi Avigdor Miller teaches the three parts of successful greeting:

1. Turn your face to the other person.
2. Show expression upon your face.
3. Be pleasant.

If we can follow these three suggestions, the Talmud suggests that God will shine upon the faces of those whose faces shine upon a fellow human being.

Let’s try it….put our phones in our pockets, our faces out into the world, and then, maybe shalom will be a bit closer this Shabbat.

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