Honorable Mensch-ion

Small Sparks

Two weeks ago, we re-entered the sanctuary for the first time in over one year. Each time I entered those sacred walls during the pandemic, I often thought, “As much as we miss the Torahs, the Torahs missed us.” As Rabbi Guzik welcomed back our community with an emphatic Shabbat Shalom, it was miraculous to hear the return of Shabbat Shalom back to us; it brought tears to our eyes.

We know that holiness is not found in the fire, wind, or earthquake, but holiness is found in the still small voice. Amos, in the haftorah this Shabbat, writes, “The mountains shall drip wine, and all the hills shall wave with grain. I will restore my people Israel. They shall rebuild ruined cities and inhabit them….I will plant them upon their soil.” We have been uprooted from everything-from our jobs, from our lives, and from our relationships. Yet, as we return slowly to our sacred communities, we are planted once again, seeing the sweetness of Torah bring us together.

It will take time, but the sparks of holiness are peaking through. Now, let’s go capture them together.

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