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Sold Out Shabbat

As the synagogue has fully opened over the last several months, the constant question is: “Will they come back?”

Yes, we started slow…..but week after week, the sanctuary seats fill up.

Over 300 people gather each month at Shabbat In the Park to sing, to play, and to pray. The thirst for human connection is quenched by communal gathering.

Our outdoor carnival attracted over 1,000 people. Our synagogue Seder was sold out and tonight, our Sushi Shabbat is completely sold out.

These gatherings of sacred bonds begs the question: “What if every Shabbat was sold out?”

If there are a plethora of places to dine in Los Angeles with wonderful sushi options, why are hundreds coming to Sinai for Sushi Shabbat?

The answer come from our Rabbis. The parsha tell us v’chai bahem, we should live by the mitzvot. The Ponizev Rav once asked why each month as we bless the new moon we ask for long life, chayim arookim. He answered that we ask for quality, not quantity. Each day and each moment should be full of mitzvot and good deeds. This is the long life for which we pray.

Behind the sushi tray there are brachot, blessings, and tefilot, prayers. We will light candles, we will raise the kiddush cup, and we will uncover the challah.

This is more than a sushi dinner; this is Sacred Sushi Shabbat.

On Wednesday evening, 200 people gathered in Barad Hall to screen the film, Into The Arms of Strangers: Stories of The Kindertransport. We witnessed the stories of children who were robbed of their childhood, never given an opportunity to walk into a synagogue for food, fun, and family. The parents of those children dreamed of a synagogue filled with intergenerational voices: Singing, praying, creating a community of belonging brought together by our sacred Shabbat.

Shabbat is waiting for you…let’s make each week a Sold Out Shabbat.

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