Honorable Mensch-ion

Walk in God’s Ways

Ten years ago, I delivered my senior sermon at the Jewish Theological Seminary of America on parshat Ki Tavo. At the end of a series of blessings and curses, the Torah teaches us that we should “walk in God’s ways.” Maimonides explains that we must attempt to resemble God as much as possible. As God is gracious, so we should be gracious; as God is compassionate, so we should be compassionate; as God is pious, so we should be pious.

The command seems so straightforward, but we all know how challenging it is.
The month of Elul is about to conclude. We are in the midst of performing teshuvah. Loosely translated as repentance, the root of teshuvah is return. Return to who YOU are. And who are we? Each one of us, made in the image of God.

This year, on Erev Rosh Hashanah, we will ask ourselves the question, “What if…?” We have so many of the what ifs….We can ask. Yet, what will we do with the answers to these questions? Will we simply ask, or will we return to the work that needs to be done to be remembered for a good life? May we all continue to strive to walk in God’s ways in the year ahead.

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