Off the Pulpit

Creation, Revelation, Redemption

Jewish tradition is built around three axes: Creation, Revelation, and Redemption. Traditionally, these have been seen as making the world, giving the Torah and coming of the Messiah. Each also tells us something about our attitude and conduct along the way.

Creation reminds us that we are stewards of the garden. The Rabbis explain that God said after creation, if we destroy this place there will be none to restore it after us. The fate of life on this earth is largely in our hands.

Revelation teaches the Jewish people the responsibility of relationship and the moral order. Through law and story we are tied to one another and to God. The words and endless implications of Torah are our gift to generations and legacy to the world.

Redemption is the continuing call to heal a broken world. We are charged with uplifting the sparks, helping those who despair or are in need, innovating in ways to move humanity forward, summoning the courage needed to make peace. Creation, Revelation, and Redemption – the story of a past, a program for the present, and a vision of the future.