Meet our Staff




My name is Danielle Kassin, and I have had the opportunity to be the Religious School Director at Sinai Temple for the past 17 years! Hanging in my office is a framed copy of my Masters Degree in Jewish Education, which I received on May 13, 1996. (The Hebrew date…if you go to is Iyyar 24, 5756). In college, I studied abroad in Israel, and when I returned from that year, I went straight to study at the University of Judaism (AJU). I attended for two years and remember the Monday, May 13 that I graduated. It was a hot day but a great day!

Some fun facts about the date😊

-May 13 is one day before May 14 (which is the date of Israel’s independence).

-If you were born on 5-13-96 and you were a dog you would be 119 years old. (kelev is the word for dog in Hebrew, and the word actually translates to like (from your heart).

-131,354,612 babies were born in 1996 (mazal tov)!

So you see, it is not just a special day for me! Another thing about me: I enjoy odd trivia and I mostly love to find things that are secular and show how they connect to Judaism. Judaism is awesome. Looking forward to a great year of learning lots of new things that make us proud to be Jewish.