Yuval Dabbach

Yuval Dabbach

Yuval Dabbach


Shalom Sinai Temple!

My name is Yuval Dabbach, and I’m the new Shinshinit at Sinai Temple Religious School!

A little bit about the Shinshinim program: A Shinshin is an 18-year-old Israeli emissary who defers their army service for one year to volunteer in Jewish communities abroad with the goal of educating people of all ages about Israel and Israeli culture. We teach about Israel through creative programs and challenging discussions, bringing an authentic Israel experience to the community we serve.

And a little about me: I live in Rehovot, which is a small city in south-center of Israel. I’ve been in the Zofim (Israeli scouts) for four years, and I’ve been a Madricha (counselor) for three of those years. I love photography and editing photos and videos. Since I could walk, my family and I have been traveling all over Israel. We have seen a lot of Israel, and that’s one of the things we love the most to do as a family.

Fun fact: According to the most recent statistics, the most popular baby name in Israel is Noam, for girls as well as boys. Noam means “pleasant.”

A special thank you to Leslie and Andrew Wachtel for sponsoring this program.