Sinai Successes

A Light Unto The Nations

On Tuesday, March 1, over 150 people attended  a Sinai Temple’s Men’s Club and AIPAC co-sponsored event, A Light Unto The Nations, featuring Yotam Polizer, CEO of IsraAID, in conversation with Rabbi Erez Sherman. The evening opened with Men’s Club President Mark Haloossim, who welcomed the group, followed by Rachael Ripps, AIPAC’s Southern Pacific Synagogue Initiative Deputy Director, who spoke about AIPAC’s diligent work to strengthen the U.S.-Israel relationship, as well as Israel’s accomplishments over the past 70 years.

Leading up to the evening’s main event, UCLA student activist, Amir Kashfi, spoke about how his grandfather’s bravery and activism during the Iranian Revolution inspired him to become a leader of the on-campus pro-Israel movement. In addition, Sheila Balour spoke equally as eloquently about how her experiences as a Iranian Jew have influenced and encouraged her to become heavily involved the pro-Israel movement and AIPAC in particular. She hopes to pass these lessons on to her children.

The core of the program was the conversation between  Rabbi Erez Sherman and Yotam Polizer. Through a series of questions and answers, they discussed the inspiring work that IsraAID is doing on the ground, throughout the world. Yotam shared stories of his time in Japan, Nepal, and Africa. He explained how IsraAID responds to disasters by providing immediate relief, as well as long term structural support. IsraAID’s work not only helps countries during times of crisis and vulnerability, but in the process of doing this work, the organization builds bridges that bring communities together. As a result of this, communities across the globe are being introduced to Israel for the first time, and are thankful and impressed with the values they see. Interested in learning more about our collaborative partner organizations AIPAC and IsraAID? Explore the contact info below.  You can also click HERE to enroll in the 2019 AIPAC Policy Conference, which brings together thousands of like-minded Israel-US activists and supporters each year. If you are a conference first-timer and would like us to honor the Sinai first-timer discount, and for more information about the Sinai delegation, please contact Jan Zakowski at [email protected] or (310) 860-8812.


IsraAID: Sherry Weinman, Chairman of the Board, [email protected], (310) 503-8482,

AIPAC: Rachael Ripps, Southern Pacific Synagogue Initiative Deputy Director, [email protected], (323) 983-1184,


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