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The New Normal

By Rachel Polansky, Programming Manager

“A little bit of light pushes away a lot of darkness.”
– Jewish Proverb

Passover seders are being held over Zoom. Picking up food is now “contact-free” and the only time many people leave the house. The world may look different, but Judaism is still an ever-present part of our lives. We asked various members of the Sinai Temple community, “How are you staying connected to Judaism during this uncertain time?” Below are some responses from one small segment of our community.

Members Carole and Richard Greenberg are diligently watching all of the services available on YouTube. Bob Meth shared with us his very full and organized Google calendar to help him keep track of all of the upcoming virtual programs that Sinai is providing. Albert and Marilouise Zager really appreciated the Hesed initiative, in which Sinai staff and volunteers called all members 65+ to check in. Members are coming together to help each other figure out the technology involved in this “new normal” on online meetings, classes, services and more. The Zagers shared, “Pamela Baker, who is part of the Saturday morning Torah at the Table group, is remarkable.  The past two Saturdays we have been able to see the meeting and to hear the meeting, but they can’t see us nor can we converse.  Pamela spent more than two hours with us on the phone and computer Sunday and another hour or more on Monday. She helped us setup Zoom.

Other members like Nancy Kattler are taking this opportunity to “read non-fiction books, which requires (for me) a certain amount of concentration, so my brain doesn’t turn to mush.” Michele Gabai makes an effort to keep in contact with women from Sisterhood and Women’s League. Rica Sabah keeps in contact with friends from Israel, and Angela Cohan makes more of an effort to focus on gratitude. As a beautiful touch, Marcy Melton “celebrated Frank’s [her husband’s] dad’s 9th yahrzeit by lighting the candle and saying something directly to him and about him in lieu of going to shul for a minyan.”

These are just some of the many ways members are staying positive and finding ways to bring Judaism into their lives. If you would like to let us know how you stay connected to Judaism and be featured in an upcoming post, please email

If there is anything the Sinai Temple community can do for you, whether it’s dropping off groceries or reaching out to someone in need, we are here to help.

Pictured: Rica & Vic Sabah

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