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You Are What You Eat

On Tuesday, May 15, the Sinai Temple community spent the day with author and teacher, Dr. David Kraemer. In town from New York, Dr. Kraemer spent the afternoon with eighth grade students from Alice and Nahum Lainer School, discussing Jewish identity and eating. Be it abiding by rules of Kashruth, or eating particular foods for Jewish holidays, students explored if and how religious and cultural identities influence eating habits, preferences and traditions. Is there such thing as “Jewish” food? What makes bread and wine so holy across religions? These were the sorts of thought-provoking topics we explored.

In the evening, Dr. Kraemer had an intimate dinner with several members of Sinai’s Family Minyan community, led by Rabbi Jason Fruithandler. This meal was especially meaningful, as Dr. Kraemer was one of Rabbi Fruithandler’s teachers in rabbinical school. The day’s activities concluded with the program, “You Are What You Eat.” Inspired by his book, Jewish Eating and Identity Through the Ages, DrKraemer, in conversation with Rabbi Fruithandler, led a group dialogue about the history, trends and mentality behind “Jewish eating.”

Interested in further exploring the topic of Jewish identity and eating? Check out Dr. Kraemer’s book HERE.


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