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Our Open Letter: Demanding Safety and Security for Jewish Students at Columbia and Other Campuses

By the Sinai Temple Israel Center Zionist Rabbinic Coalition and Valley Beth Shalom
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On Saturday night, April 20, Jewish students at Columbia University joined together to protest antisemitism. According to witnesses, they carried American and Israeli flags and sang “One Day” by Matisyahu, yearning for peace. They were met by counter-protesters who hurled hate speech at them and called for violence against Jews and Israel. This tidal wave of Jew hatred continued into Sunday with videos of attacks on Jewish students surfacing on social media.

Freedom of speech has crossed a redline at Columbia University and other university campuses across this country. We, as leaders of all faiths, demand that Jewish students feel safe and protected in this country.

History proves that when Jews no longer feel safe in a society, that society is no longer safe. We call upon Columbia University to ensure a safe and secure environment for Jewish students and Zionist students of all religious backgrounds. We call on all law enforcement to pay greater attention to the dangerous rhetoric and menacing behavior of the protests against Israel and Jews sweeping across this country before it is too late.

American Jews are not alone. We stand among friends and allies from all communities in our desire to restore sanity, safety, and security to our streets here in America. On this eve of Passover, a holiday that celebrates the Israelite liberation from slavery to freedom, we demand safety and security for Jews in America. Psalm 133 teaches us, “How good and pleasant it is when brothers live together in unity.” On behalf of each of our communities and organizations, we can no longer stand idly by as the psalmist’s dream becomes impossible for Jewish students.

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We are thrilled to announce that an anonymous donor has generously donated $100,000 do our Friends of the Israel Defense Forces Fundraising Campaign! We have now reached our goal to purchase two fully operational ambulances that will be deployed in Israel. Thank you so much to everyone who contributed to this campaign!

We encourage you to donate to the Jewish Federations of North America. Show your solidarity with Israel and make a vital impact for those directly affected by the war. Donate to the Jewish Federation Fund.

Sheba Medical Center has set up an emergency fund. They are in need of equipment for the hospital as well as the Barzilai Hospital in the South. They also have many patients in ICU and sadly are anticipating many more. They are planning to triple their ICU beds, rehab facilities and rehab staff. They have created a trauma center to help with the 2200 survivors of the music festival. And as we know, dealing with trauma will be a long lasting and difficult road. Due to the influx of patients, they will have to expand their Sheba Beyond services which provides virtual services and physical equipment to patients. This is just a few of the services they are implementing. We need everyone to mobilize in this effort. We can all help in some capacity. Ask your friends and family to help the wounded. People can text HEAL to 24365 to get to their donation landing page.

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The Sinai Temple Mental Health Center

The Sinai Temple Mental Health Center held two sessions for Sinai Temple members and non- members to process our emotional responses to the crisis in Israel and share coping strategies. Additional sessions are being planned.

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