The Sinai Temple Mental Health Center

The Sinai Temple Mental Health Center

Where there is HELP, there is HOPE

Local and national mental health agencies report staggering statistics on the current prevalence of mental illness and serious mental health concerns in the United States. Mental Illness affects 1 out of every 5 adults in the United States and 17% of American youth between the ages of 6 and 17 experience a mental health disorder (NAMI). As we feel the oftentimes overwhelming emotional impact of living through the COVID-19 global pandemic, we are increasingly aware that positive mental health holds equal importance to physical wellness as regards to the quality and length of our lives.

Just as we understand adequate sleep, moderate exercise, and nutritious foods are essential for maintaining the healthy bodies we need to live full lives, we are beginning to identify and incorporate practices that support the emotional health that sustains those same efforts.

Made possible by a generous grant from the Fredric D. Rosen and Nadine Schiff-Rosen Family Foundation, The Sinai Temple Mental Health Center (STMHC):

  • Ensures Sinai Temple remains a warm, welcoming spiritual home for all members of the community regardless of individual differences or mental health challenges
  • Is an exclusive benefit of synagogue membership and employment, launched in July 2021
  • Acts to eliminate the stigma surrounding mental health struggles fueled by feelings of shame allowing access to treatment and supportive services
  • Offers culturally sensitive, compassionate, professional mental health support incorporating best mental health practices and Jewish values
  • Provides private, individual consultations, by appointment, for members with mental health concerns relating to:
    • Depression and Anxiety
    • Parenting issues
    • Interpersonal relationships and Communication
    • Life transitions and Bereavement
    • Addiction
    • Stress management
  • Offers programming and newsletters intended to initiate open, honest conversation around mental health concerns affecting all of us in the larger Jewish community

Meet our Director, Carolyn Hoffman, LCSW 

For more information about the Mental Health Center or available services, please contact Carolyn Hoffman, LCSW,  directly at (310) 481-3209 or [email protected].

NOTE: A strict standard of confidentiality is observed at all times regarding any contact with the STMHC


  • For medical emergencies, call 911
  • For psychiatric emergencies, including the risk of self-harm or suicide:
    • Call 988 ( direct to the National Suicide Prevention Hotline: (800)273-8255)
    • Text HOME to 741741 (direct to the Crisis Text Line)
    • Both available 24/7, Free

Go immediately to your nearest hospital emergency room: UCLA and Cedars-Sinai Medical Center are the closest hospitals to Sinai Temple with psychiatric emergency rooms.

Ongoing Bereavement Support Group

The Sinai Temple Mental Health Center offers a professionally facilitated, in-person, ongoing Bereavement Support Group on Monday mornings, 10am -11:30am. The group is open to all Sinai Temple members who are grieving the death of a significant loved one.  An initial meeting with Carolyn Hoffman, LCSW, to discuss personal needs is required prior to participation. Evening groups forming. (Link to “why a bereavement group.”)

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