A Bisl Torah

Let Love In

In the secular world, this weekend brings in a holiday known for love. Cards exchanged, chocolates consumed, cheesy movies watched. It’s a time in which we show affection for those we care about. But if we are being honest, it is also a time in which we hope to feel honored, valued, and seen. How much of these Hallmark holidays is wondering if a card will end up in our own mailbox?

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The Cries of the Trees

Clergy note the coinciding of International Holocaust Remembrance Day and Tu Bishvat, the holiday celebrating the “new year” of the trees. Many themes run between the two calendrical landmarks, but the connection seemed obvious.

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What Defines You?

In watching the inauguration, so many of us were captivated by Amanda Gorman, the youngest inaugural poet in U.S. History. As riveting her ability to transform history into lyrical song, I was just as moved by her poise and gift in commanding the attention of the watching world. She offered not just a poem, but an experience, engaging us in an urgency to see ourselves in the continuous building of this beautiful country.

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Are You There, God?

Across the globe, it feels as if we are treading water. Part of us submerged, hearing more about who has Covid and the staggering consequences of the disease. And yet, part of us is out of the water, face towards the sun, seeing more people receive the vaccine, a symbol of hope that floating on the water’s surface may be closer than we think. But until that full reality comes to fruition, we continue to struggle out of the water.

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Teach Your Children

Like many of you, my heart shattered as I watched the insurrection at the US Capitol. News blaring in the background, tears streaming down my face, I thought, “What am I teaching my children?”

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A Bisl Torah for 2021

How do you begin
After heartbreak and breakdown
Vanished dreams, hurried goodbyes, exhaustion, disappointment, remnants of hope feeling very far away.
How do you start over in a world that looks so very upside down?

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