A Bisl Torah

Souls Connected

It seems strange to think about Yom Kippur before celebrating Shavuot. However, the Torah reading compels us to think about the Yom Kippur rituals and how they apply to our lives, both during Yom Kippur and every day.

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The Fifth Child

Many of us are familiar with the four children in the Haggadah. The wise, rebellious, innocent ,and voiceless children sit at the table. Adults are tasked to teach the story of our people according to each child’s learning style and ability.

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Ask These Questions

The themes of Passover are smacking us in the face. In the Haggadah, we implore each Jew to see themselves as if they were the ones to personally leave Egypt. As we watch the Islamic Republic of Iran reign terror on Israel and experience direct antisemitism in our local communities, this line in the Haggadah feels as if it is being written, read, and lived in real time.

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Journey to the Promised Land

Of all the Jewish holidays, Passover requires the longest preparation. We clean our homes, kasher our kitchens, buy an obscene amount of food, and design elaborate Seder meals. There is an abundance of effort and exhaustion in the process of attaining “freedom.”

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Hope Revealed

I officiated at a funeral of a woman that reminded me of an important lesson. Perhaps, the most important life lesson: To fully embrace each moment we have in this world.

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